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Waukegan DUI Defense AttorneyProviding exceptional DUI Defense is much more complex than people think.  Any misstep by your Waukegan DUI laywer can have serious consequences for the person charged with DWI ‘driving while under the influence’.

When you hire us, you’ll feel more confident as we help you work through this ordeal.  Our DUI attonerys are also among the most well-respected and experienced Waukegan criminal defense attorneys in all of Lake County, Illinois (see our main website for details).

Plus, you’ll always know that we are completely familiar with the most recent changes.  Our attorneys are members of the Lake County Traffic Law Committee and the Illinois Bar Association Traffic Committee, which gives us insight that many attorneys lack as Illinois traffic law and the required defense tactics as the law evolves.

We’ve been successfully defending our clients against DUI charges, as well as other traffic violations, for more than 20 years.  We know Illinois and Waukegan traffic law and are passionate about defending our client’s to our best ability.

Experienced Waukegan DUI Lawyers

The Law Offices of Winer & Winer focus on our client needs for any given situation and go to court with integrity and confidence.  We don’t make promises that we can’t keep and advise our clients of all their options. We keep them informed of the status of their case at all times, believe that a client should have easy access to their attorney and we return all phone calls and emails as soon as possible.

We know when to fight or negotiate. Prosecutors know that about us as our approach is straightforward.   First, we will seek a dismissal of the charges, but if that is not possible, we work together towards the best possible resolution.

Being arrested for DUI can happen to anyone and can be traumatic and embarrassing.  Illinois has some of the most stringent DUI laws in the country and the consequences of an arrest can be catastrophic, including severe criminal penalties, loss of driving privileges, the threat to job security and financial hardship including fines, court costs, alcohol treatment, and breath alcohol ignition interlock device costs and increased insurance costs.

Illinois DUI law has become increasingly complex and fraught with danger for the inexperienced attorney.  Therefore, for the person arrested for DUI /DWI, the choice of an experienced DUI Defense attorney in Waukegan is crucially important.  Choose the wrong attorney in such an important matter with such far reaching consequences such as your freedom, ability to drive and financial well-being…  You could pay the price for years to come.

The law in Illinois governing driving while under the influence is extremely complex. A charge of driving while under the influence is generally comprised of 2 separate cases:

1) A summary suspension of your license and driving privileges based on whether you took or refused the breath test, and

2) The criminal charge for DUI which can result in jail, fines and the revocation of driving privileges.

Motions for discovery, subpoenas, pre-trial motions, and requests for driving relief need to be prepared, filed and presented properly before the court.  Having an experienced attorney is essential and will allow you to know exactly which defenses may be available in your case and will guide you so that the legal consequences of your arrest and effect on your life are minimized.  We are experienced not only in the field of DUI defense but also in the area driver’s license consequences for a person arrested for DUI.


Location Address Company Code
Antioch 474 – E. State Route 173 CST
Fox Lake 89 S. Route 12 ALC
Fox Lake 17 E. Grand Ave. BSL
Gurnee 6170 W. Grand Ave. NAT/CST
Kildeer 20505 N. Rand Rd. NAT
Lake Zurich 1320 Ensell Rd. SMA
Libertyville 1098 E. Park Ave. NAT/ALC
Mundelein 321 Townline Road GUA
Mundelein 20951 W. Hwy 60 CST
Mundelein 825 E. Hwy 45 CST
Mundelein 1045 Campus Drive CST
Vernon Hills 551 N. Milwaukee Ave. NAT
Vernon Hills 701 N. Milwaukee Ave. CST
Waukegan 1212 Golf Road GUA
Waukegan 80 S. Greenbay Road AAA
Waukegan 1 N. Greenbay Road AAA
Waukegan 1925 Grand Ave. SMA
Wheeling 851 E. Palatine Road GUA

Certified Companies

ALC – Alco-Test Inc. 800-622-2526
NAT – National Interlock Systems 800-508-4794
SMA – Smart Start 800-880-3394
CST – Consumer Safety Technology 877-777-5020
GUA – Guardian Interlock 800-499-0994
AAA – AAA Interlock 888-786-7384

You may also check the Secretary of State website at www.cyberdriveillinois.com


* Driving Under the Influence (DUI) * Secretary of State Hearings
* Suspended or Revoked License * Zero Tolerance
* Driver’s License Reinstatement * Minor Consumption of Alcohol
* Boating Under the Influence * Open Alcohol in Vehicle
* Reckless Driving * Speeding in Construction or School Zone
* Auto Accidents * Passing a School Bus
* Reckless Homicide * CDL Violations
* Overweight Trucks * All Traffic Violations (See our Waukegan Traffic Laws Information Center)

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